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Retail Site Restoration & Renovation

Supermarket Decommissioning & Site Restoration

  • Supermarket Decommissioning Specialists

  • A single point of contact for clients

  • Experienced a dealing with centre management

  • We manage and schedule all trades

  • Creating a retail ready environment

We don’t just demolish

we can restore to like new

(or to what ever finish is required)

Retail Restore are Supermarket Decommissioning & Site Restoration Specialists. We exist to serve the needs of major retail supermarket chains wanting to rationalise store numbers or move existing stores. We saw the need to make the store transformation process much more streamlined, with a single point of contact for clients. Rather than seek out different trades our team works seamlessly and collaboratively to create the best results for our clients.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in building and construction managing all types of projects. We have a variety of trusted tradespeople who are committed to their chosen craft. We plan every project diligently with our team and clients so that there are clear stages to adhere to. This ensures open communication and a clear timeline to be developed.

At Retail Restore we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest trends, advancements in technology and also being committed to understanding the needs of each client. When we say ‘no job is too small’ that is the truth. We can work with all facets of renovations.

 Retail transformation process

Our Services

Floor Restoration & Levelling

Floor restoration & levelling

Let our experienced team Restore and Level your floor so that it’s ready for the next tenant. The result is a smooth flat surface with an exceedingly high compressive strength and low permeability.

Machine Room Removal

Machine room removal

If there is ever a time you need to leave something to the experts this is it. Removing plant rooms, dissembling refrigeration and mechanical equipment and cutting off gas and electrics is a specialist task to be done with the utmost care.

Electrical Removal & Makesafe

Power removal & make safe

Careful planning is vital when undertaking removal of the electrical services. Safe removal of electrical services for building demolitions is the best way to ensure that it proceeds safely and that all workers are protected.

Commercial Refrigeration Removal

Commercial Refrigeration Removal

We have over 25 years-experience in the service, removal, and breakdown of large Commercial, and Industrial Refrigeration, air-conditioning equipment, and industrial HVAC systems.  Once your fridge or freezer has gone past the point of no return, you need to deal with a business that understands disposing of and recycling hazardous waste.

Dedicated Site Manager

Dedicated Site Manager

Your Site Manager is your first point of contact and he ensures that every item on the restoration checklist is completed correctly.  He his on hand during the demolition process to manage any unpleasant surprises with frequent quality audits to ensure the highest standard of work is carried out on your site.

Asbestos and Mould Removal

Asbestos and Mould Removal

When asbestos and mould can be waiting to be exposed once you start site restoration. It’s vitally important that you are using a contractor like Retail Restore with the licences, experience, and equipment to remove and encapsulate the toxins in order to prevent contamination and spreading, to avoid fines and EPA issues.

A complete Supermarket De-Fit & Retail Decommissioning Service


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We don’t demolish, we restore to just like new

(or to what ever finish is required)