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Our Process

With Retail Restore you benefit from the personal attention of our site manager and flexibility of an experienced and compact organisation, with the economies of scale and physical resources of an established refrigeration specialist and demolition contractor.

Over the last 30 years we (working as CR & ER Stewart Pty Ltd) have established a very strong reputation in the industry for delivering outstanding results in the areas of supermarket post lease refurbishments

Site Refurbishment Planing
  1. Site Inspection
  2. Requirements Agreed
  3. Project Time Line
  4. Works Quotation
  5. Shop Fitting Removal
  6. Fire System Make Safe
  7. Remove Security & Data Wiring
  8. Degas Remove Coolrooms
  9. Remove Refrigeration
  10. Remove Exhaust Hoods & Ducts
  11. Remove Ceiling & All Ceiling Lights
  12. Make Good Wall/roof Penetrations
  13. Remove All External Signage
  14. Make Good All Walls, ceilings And Floors
  15. Approval from the Site Leasing Manager

Retail Restore, simpler, easier, quicker. Reducing the cost of supermarket decommissioning, we organise all trades required to undertake the de-fit:

  • Decommissioning of fixed supermarket inventory, Refrigeration equipment, display cases, coldrooms, checkout counters, pallet racks, cooling stands, stainless steel benches, ovens, fittings etc.
  • Isolate Fire Sprinkler System & Fire Alarm Panel
  • Relocation/Modification of any fire hose reels or Fire Hydrants
  • Qualified Electricians
  • Qualified Plumbers
  • Qualified Gasfitters
  • Qualified Refrigeration Mechanics
  • Skip Bin and Waste Removal
  • Concrete Polishers (Many commercial tenancies will require you to take back your floors to a 60 grit finish)
  • Signage removal including window films etc.
  • Patching and repainting of ceilings, bulkheads or walls
  • Core Holes or penetrations, including fire rating and sealing
  • Handing over the tenancy to the landlord in the required time

Site safety during refurbishment.

Ask about our checklist of risk control measures designed to help manage safety during refurbishment. We use this as a reference point for regular checks.

Australia’s leading supermarket decommissioning
and end of lease site remediation service. 

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in lease decommissioning and post-lease remediation, and reconstruction and managing all types of projects. We have a variety of trusted tradespeople who are committed to their chosen craft. We plan every project diligently with our team and clients so that there are clear stages to adhere to. This ensures open communication and a clear timeline to be developed.

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